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Language Translation Software Market Shares 2015 to 2020: Industry Share, Investment Trends, Growth, Size, Strategy Market Research Report

Language Translation Software: - Markets Reach $123.1 Billion By 2019 LEXINGTON, Massachusetts (May 14, 2013) - WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Language Translation Software t: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2019. The 2013 study has 437 pages, 122 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve continuing growth as the language translation software systems are put in place to support mobile end point information collections that are localized. Language translation software market driving forces are related to the Internet usefulness to people in every locality. Smart phones are the latest market driver for software language translation. Every enterprise has to make its web sites user friendly in every locality in which it has a market. Globally integrated enterprises generally have a presence in from 80 to 170 countries. Localization is equivalent to translation. People then access these web sites and buy from the sites using their smart phones. The Samsung Galaxy S IV can translate several languages in real time. It has the ability to translate off a piece of paper from the camera. Cloud business solutions, social media, and platform systems of engagement represent major IT market shifts. The lines of business are taking over from the IT departments. Systems of engagement leverage the apps market segment that is defined by the line of business more often than by IT. A key cloud computing segment relates to development of apps for every industry. Visual feature and discovery decision tablets permit decision making. Visual decision making components can be exported. Language translation is used in big data to mine the social media information for comments about products and companies. This data can be used for marketing decision making.

Language translation is needed to achieve use of discovery features A trapped decision discovery feature is not too useful. What the systems of engagement seek to do is to capture institutional knowledge, social media knowledge and make it accessible to a broader group of people. Solutions are global. They are based on language translation that makes apps useful globally. Apps have support for mobile devices. Cloud providers are able to develop custom mobile applications that include toolkits and accelerated systems with common functions that are part of process delivery. Buttons, cameras, geo specific features are available in the apps. It is possible to build composite solutions from within the cloud. Cloud mobile solutions tools mean users can build mobile composite applications that span two platforms. The brand support provided by the Lionbridge platform is compelling. The ability to support large web-architected brand projects depends on a language platform. Lionbridge has 52,000 individual client translation memories and 14,000 individual translators serving more than 700 clients. These people are supported by the software brand platform.

Table of Content:
Executive Summary
Language Translation Software Market Driving Forces
Language Translation Software Cloud Platforms
Volume Of Documents For Translation Will Only Increase
Preparing For The Lack Of Translators
Language Translation Software Market Shares
Language Translation Market Forecasts

1. Language Translation Software Market Description And Market Dynamics
1.1 Globalization of the Economy
1.2 Machine Language Translation
1.3 Value of Language Translation Software Tools
1.4 Translation Memory
1.5 Global Language Teams
1.6 Standard Machine Translation vs. Customized Translation Services
1.7 Interpreting in Health Care
1.8 Value of Natural Language Translation
1.9 Measuring Language Translation Systems Quality
1.10 International Events and Multinational Companies Require Simultaneous Translation
TELAV Rotary International Simultaneous Interpretation Services

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2. Language Translation Software Market Shares And Forecasts
2.1  Language Translation Software Market Shares and
2.2 Market Forecasts
2.2 Language Translation Software Market Shares
2.3 Language Translation Market Forecasts
2.4 Size Of The Language Translation Market
2.5 Language Translation Pricing
2.6 Language Translation Regional Markets

3. Solid State Thin Film Battery Product Description
3.1 IBM® WebSphere® Translation Server
3.2 SDL
3.3 Systran
3.4 Lionbridge
3.5 Alchemy
3.6 MultiCorpora
3.7 Lingotek
3.8 MT@EC
3.9 Kilgray Translation Technologies
3.10 Google Translate
3.11 Language Weaver
3.12 Proz / KudoZ
3.13 Cognition Technologies
3.14 Moravia
3.15 ABBYY Lingvo x3
3.16 Opportunities for Canada in the Translation Products And Services: Market
3.17 Babylon's Free Online Translation
3.18 Bitext
3.19 Asia Online
3.19.1  Asia Online Language Studio™ Resolves Historical
3.20 Symbio Software
3.21 Solution
3.22 Softissimo

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4. Language Translation Software Technology
4.1 Data-Driven Architecture
4.2 Systran Chinese-English and English-Chinese Hybrid
Machine Translation Systems
4.3 Members of the EUATC
4.4 Machine Translation Technology by Computer
4.5 Human Language Translation
4.6 Vendor Language Translation Technology
4.7 Translation Process For Hospitals And Health Care Organizations
4.8 Sharing Translation Memories
4.9 Open Source Language Translation
4.10 Automatic Speech Recognition

5. Language Translation Software: Company Description
5.1 American Translators Association (ATA)
5.2 Asia Online
5.3 Babylon
5.4 Bitext
5.5 CallMiner
5.6 China Translation Industry
5.7 Cloudwords
5.8 Duolingo
5.9 Globalization and Localization Association (GALA)
5.10 Google
5.11 Hewlett Packard
5.12 IBM
5.13 Kilgray
5.14 Language Engineering, LLC (LEC)
5.15 Lingo24
5.16 Lingotek
5.17 Lionbridge
5.18 Lloyd International Translations
5.19 Mission Essential Personnel (MEP)
5.20 Moravia
5.21 MultiCorpora
5.22 Niemanlab.Org
5.23 Nuance
5.24 OpenAmplify
5.25 Plunet BusinessManager
5.27 Reverso-Softissimo
5.28 RWS Legal Translation
5.29 SDL
5.30 Symbio
5.31 Systran
5.33 Translators Without Borders
5.34 Veveo
5.35 Vignette Content Management (VCM)
5.36 WorldLingo
5.37 Selected Translation Companies

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