Friday, 11 September 2015

2015 LTE Insights Service Industry Research Review

With over 36 fully commercial network launches and 150 LTE-enabled devices available in the market, LTE adoption has considerably gained momentum throughout the globe. Swedish incumbent operator Telia was the first to launch LTE services in December 2009. 

This was followed by several commercial launches in Western Europe, the U.S and the Asia Pacific region, with the Verizon Wireless, Vodafone Germany and NTT DoCoMo launching major marketing campaigns to kick start commercial adoption. The second half of 2011 saw another series of deployments across the Middle East region, with the Saudi Telecom Company (STC), Zain and Mobily announcing commercial network launches. By 2012, it is expected that there will be over 120 operational LTE networks. LTE Subscriptions have already surpassed the 6 million benchmark, with the U.S accounting for over 70 % of worldwide subscriptions.

Table Of Content

Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Executive Summary
1.2 Acronyms

Chapter 2 LTE Technology Overview
2.1 LTE Radio Access and Core Network Technology
2.2 LTE Technical Performance Metrics
2.3 The Evolution to 4G and LTE Advanced
2.4 Coexistence with Present Network Deployments

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Chapter 3 LTE Ecosystem Overview
3.1 The Key Market Drivers for LTE Adoption
3.2 The Key Market Obstacles for LTE Adoption
3.3 LTE Commercial Network Deployments and Subscriptions
3.4 LTE Spectrum Adoption Throughout the World
3.5 The LTE Device Industry

Chapter 4 LTE Operator Strategies
4.1 LTE Go-to-Market Strategies
4.2 Coverage Transparency and Interoperability with 3G and WiFi Networks
4.3 Market Segmentation Strategies: Urban vs Rural
4.4 LTE Market Positioning and Pricing Strategies
4.5 Capitalizing on LTE: Lesson from Verizon Wireless

Chapter 5 LTE Deployments, Subscriptions and Forecasts
5.1 Worldwide Subscriptions and Market Share
5.2 Asia Pacific
5.3 North America
5.4 Western Europe
5.5 Eastern Europe
5.6 Middle East
5.7 Africa
5.8 Latin and Central America

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