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2020 World Markets For Mobile Healthcare (mHealth)

With more than 7 Billion mobile network subscriptions worldwide, the mobile communications sector is rapidly gaining traction from a diverse range of vertical sectors. Healthcare is no exception to this trend.

As healthcare providers seek to maximize their patient outreach while minimizing costs, many view mobile healthcare (or mHealth) as the solution to improve healthcare cost-efficiency. mHealth refers to the usage of mobile communications technology & devices to enhance access to healthcare information, improve distribution of routine and emergency health services and provide diagnostic services.

Mobile network operators also view mHealth as a lucrative opportunity for the monetization of their mobile connectivity services. Given that most operators have established themselves as reputable consumer brands, they are also eyeing on opportunities to offer services beyond simple connectivity. Many operators already offer branded or co-branded end-to-end mHealth solutions to their customer bases.

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Topics Covered:

The report covers the following topics
The scope and implementation of mHealth across the globe
mHealth technology
Market drivers and key benefits of mHealth
Challenges and inhibitors to the mHealth ecosystem
mHealth standardization and regulatory initiatives
mHealth opportunities, use cases and applications
mHealth deployment case studies
Value chain analysis of the mHealth ecosystem and the recognition of key players in each segment of the value chain
mHealth industry roadmap: 2010 – 2020
Key trends in the mHealth ecosystem; mHealth regulation & security, adoption of cloud based mHealth services, alliances for ecosystem fortification, and the impact of LTE deployments
The role of M2M technology in the mHealth ecosystem
Profiles and strategies of key players in the mHealth market
Strategic recommendations for mobile network operators, wireless infrastructure/device OEMs, application developers, healthcare service providers & pharmaceutical companies to capitalize on the mHealth opportunity
In-depth analysis for 5 individual submarkets and their associated mHealth application use cases:
Pharmaceutical Applications
Medical Information & Healthcare Management
Healthcare & Fitness
Remote Consultation/Diagnostic Services
M2M, Sensor & Monitoring Applications
Historical revenue figures and forecasts till 2020

Table Of Content

Chapter 1: Introduction 19
 1.1 Executive Summary 19
 1.2 Topics Covered 21
1.3 Historical Revenue & Forecast Segmentation 22
 1.4 Key Questions Answered 24
1.5 Key Findings 25
1.6 Methodology 26
1.7 Target Audience 27
 1.8 Companies & Organizations Mentioned 28

Chapter 2: An Overview of the Mobile Device & Network Security Market 40
2.1 The Importance of Mobile Devices & Networks 40
2.2 What Constitutes the Mobile Device & Network Security Market? 43
2.3 Mobile Network Infrastructure Security Software & Appliances 45
2.4 Mobile Device Client Security Software 48
2.5 Mobile Device Security Hardware 51
2.6 Mobile Security & MDM Services

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Chapter 3: Mobile Network Infrastructure Security Software & Appliances 57
 3.1 Integrated Security Appliances 58
3.2 Content Security Gateways 69

Chapter 4: Mobile Device Client Security Software 75
4.1 Anti-Malware/Anti-Virus Client Software 76
 4.2 Back Up & Restore Software 83
4.3 Privacy Protection Software 89
4.4 Mobile VPN Client Software 93
4.5 Remote Locking Software 98
4.6 Remote Tracking Software 101
4.7 Encrypted Communications (Voice/Data) Software 105

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