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2011-2020 Q3 Handset Shipments Market Strategies and Key Trends,Market Share and Growth Rate,Pricing and Forecasts

This report and its associated database provide an in-depth assessment of handset shipments, vendor market share, strategies and key trends in Q3'2011, from a global as well a regional perspective. 2010 shipments of handsets globally reached an all time high of 1366.80 million units. Since then, the first three quarters of 2011 have totaled 1111.93 million units with Q3' 2011 alone accounting for 393.96 million units and a rise of 453.34 million units expected for Q4'2011 will see the 2011 full year shipments outstrip those of 2010. Within this overall rise in Q3'2011 handset shipments globally, volumes fell in North America by -6.60% over the same period of 2010, by -10.82% in Western Europe and by -1.49% in Central and Eastern Europe but these declines were more than compensated for by the dramatic rises of in Asia Pacific (+24.91%) as well as in Latin and Central America (23.28%) and in the Middle East and Africa (45.38%) resulting in overall Q3 shipments worldwide that grew in Q3'2011 over the same quarter in 2010. 

Table Of Content

Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Coverage
1.2 Executive Summary

Chapter 2 Section 1: Global Historical Regional Trends
2.1 Historical Market Size and Share by Region
2.2 Global Shipments: 2011 Quarters 1-3

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Chapter 3 Section 2: Trends by Region
3.1 Trends in Handset Shipments to Asia Pacific
3.2 Trends in Handset Shipments to North America
3.3 Trends in Handset Shipments to Western Europe
3.4 Trends in Handset Shipments to Latin & Central America
3.5 Trends in Handset Shipments to Central & Eastern Europe
3.6 Trends in Handset Shipments to Middle East & Africa

Chapter 4 Section 3: Global Trends by Vendor
4.1 Historical Global Trends by Vendor
4.1.1 Historical Global Handset Shipment Vendors by volume
4.1.2 Historical Global Handset Shipment Vendors Market Share
4.2 Global 2011 Quarter 3 Vendors

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