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Full text of “Military Ground Market Trend and 2020 Forecast"

Military Ground Robot Mobile Platform Systems of Engagement -- Markets Reach $12.0 Billion By 2019 LEXINGTON, Massachusetts (May 22, 2013) WinterGreen Research announces that it has a new study on Military Ground Robot Mobile Platform Systems of Engagement. The 2013 study has 600 pages, 262 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as platforms of engagement leverage mobile device capability worldwide. Even as the US presence in Iraq and Afghanistan winds down, automated process implemented as mobile platform systems of engagement are being used to fight terrorists and protect human life. These robots are a new core technology in which all governments must invest. Military ground robot market growth comes from the device marketing experts inventing a new role as technology poised to be effective at the forefront of fighting terrorism. Markets at $4.5 billion in 2013 reach $12.0 billion by 2019. Growth is based on the adoption of automated process by military organizations worldwide. This automated process implemented as a combination of software for innovation and robotic platforms is not the traditional military system. They are systems of engagement that have arms and sensors, tracks and wheels, motors and solid state batteries. These systems of engagement support leveraging smart phones and mobile platforms. The aim is to achieve a broader, more intelligent military presence in every area of the globe. In the last decade, the U.S. military poured money into unmanned ground systems to help protect troops against improvised explosive devices.

The difference is that the robots are finding new uses as mobile security platforms that protect against the loss of human life The Army plans to upgrade 2,700 of its existing military robot systems for use in training or further deployments. Another 2,469 will be divested and given to Defense Department partners or other government agencies. The U.S. military spending on UGVs appears as though it might decrease according to the words coming out of the defense department, but as Congress assesses the damage from the Boston bombing, it will become apparent that there is only one choice for fighting terrorists efficiently and that is through the use of military ground robotic platforms that function as mobile systems of engagement. Military ground robot market shares and market forecast analysis considers that military ground robots have a vast new market based on their ability to protect human life in the event of terrorist attack. This was proved virtually in the recent Boston terrorist attack when one of the Watertown police officers pulled the emergency brake on a police vehicle and rolled it up next to the terrorists in the stolen SUV Mercedes. Without actually being in the car, the local police officers were able to spook both terrorists by making them think they were being directly flanked. The terrorists thought the vehicle really had police offices in it and shot toward it and detonated bombs in the rogue vehicle. The virtual robot vehicle did its job of protecting the lives of the Watertown police officers and of catching the bad guys. Both terrorists were captured using robots, the robot car (actually a real car that was pushed into a bad situation as a robot would be, thus simulating a robot) and the robots that were used in the boat where the other terrorist was hiding to inspect the situation had a direct role in capturing the terrorists. Thus the Boston bombing illustrates a whole new use for military robots in terrorist situations. In this manner, robot vehicles are sure to be used to fight terrorism going forward. It should be noted that though all the resources of the federal government and state government were directed toward solving the crime, that it was the very local group of police, the Watertown police department who did much of the work. It was the local Watertown police department members who were engaged in a firefight with terrorists and who had to think on their feet to capture the bad guys and do it without getting killed themselves or endangering other civilians. It is to the credit of the local police department that they were able to do this and it is noteworthy that they did use military robots in the endeavor and the police vehicle that doubled as a military robot presages more use of military style robots by local police departments. The defense industry is entering a new era. Military robotics are poised to play a significant role in achieving change in security delivery. With battlefield engagements winding down, terrorism has emerged as a constant and current threat. The recent terrorist bombings in Boston and other cities worldwide illustrate that threat. Military robots are the best practice technology for dealing with terrorists in many cases. According to Susan Eustis, the lead author of the study, the military robot purchase is driven by the need for modernization of the military. The new military is dependent on flexibility and early response. The use of military robots is based on providing a robot that is less expensive to put in the field than a trained soldier and supporting the desire to keep the trained soldiers out of harm way.

Table of Content:
Military Ground Robots Market Shares and Market Forecasts
Defense Industry Is Entering A New Era
Military Ground Robot Market Driving Forces
Military Ground Robots Market Shares
Allen Vanguard Armadillo Micro UGV
Military Ground Robot Market Forecasts

1. Military Robots Market Description And Market Dynamics
1.1 Robots Delivering Offensive and Defensive Capabilities to
Combat Teams
1.2 US Army Modernization 2012
1.3 Military Robot Scope
1.4 Army's G8 Futures office
1.5 Types of Military Robots
1.6 UGV Enabling Technologies
1.7 Military Robot Bandwidth
1.8 SUGVs
1.9 Definition Of Military Robots:

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2. Military Ground Robot Systems Of Engagement Market Shares And Forecasts
2.1 Military Ground Robots Market Shares and Market Forecasts
2.2 Military Ground Robots Market Shares
2.3 Military Ground Robot Market Forecasts
2.4 Military Robot Government Budget Information
2.5 Military Robot Prices
2.6 Military Robot Regional Analysis
2.7 Military Ground Robot Installed Base and Shipments Market Forecasts

3 Military Robot Systems Of Engagement Product Description
3.1 iRobot
3.2 Northrop Grumman
3.3 General Dynamics Robotic Systems
3.4 Kongsberg
3.5 BAE Systems
3.6 QinetQ
3.7 Telerob
3.8 Allen Vanguard
3.9 Boston Dynamics
3.10 Kairos Autonami
3.11 Mesa Robotics
3.12 Lockheed Martin SMSS
3.13 Thales Group Mini UAV and UGVs
3.15 ICOR Technology MK3 Caliber
3.16 Pedsco Remote Mobile Investigator (RMI)
3.17 Robosoft robuROC
3.18 ECA Robotics CAMELEON EOD
3.19 Elbit Systems Land Systems
3.20 Recon Robotics Recon Scout IR
3.21 Carnegie Mellon University Crusher

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4. Military Robot Technology
4.1 Military Robot Technology Enablers
4.2 MRAP ATV: Requirements and Contenders
4.3 Military Robot Enabling Technology
4.4 Intel Integrated Circuit Evidence-Based Innovation
4.5 Advanced Robot Technology: Navigation, Mobility, And Manipulation
4.6 User-Friendly Interfaces
4.7 Field Based Robotics Iterative Development
4.8 Intel Military Robot Cultivating Collaborations
4.9 Hitachi Configuration Of Robots Using The SuperH Family
4.10 Network Of Robots And Sensors
4.11 Military Robot Technology Functions
4.12 Carbon Nanotube Radio
4.13 Military Robot Funded Programs
4.14 iRobot Technology
4.15 Evolution Robotics Technology Solutions
Evolution Robotics Example Applications
4.16 Classes of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs)

5. Military Robots Company Description
5.1 Allen Vanguard
5.2 BAE Systems
5.3 Boston Dynamics
5.4 ECA Robotics
5.5 Elbit Systems
5.6 G-NIUS
5.7 General Dynamics
5.8 ICOR Technology
5.9 iRobot
5.10 Kairos Autonami

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