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General Industrial Coatings India Market Share, Size, Growth, Analysis, Trends & Forecast to 2016: Hexa Reports

IRL is pleased to present for the first time an in-depth analysis of the European market for General Industrial Coatings. The report focuses specifically on each country market for general industrial coatings, in both volume and value, with 2015 as the base year and forecasts for 2020. Detailed key data points include market shares, split by technology and chemistry and detailed prices and values for each of the segments.

The market is divided into 5 distinct segments:
·         Coil & Extrusion Coatings 
·         Metal Packaging Coatings 
·         3C Coatings (Domestic Appliances & Consumer Electronics)
·         General Finishes (for Metal, Plastic & Other Surfaces) 
·         Road Marking Paints

In-Depth Countries
·         France 
·         Germany
·         Italy 
·         Poland 
·         Russia 
·         Spain 
·         Turkey 
·         UK

Contents for the 8 in-depth country reports include:
·         Market volumes in tonnes by type of resin & application system for each product segment 
·         Market values and prices by type of resin & application system for each product segment 
·         Market shares by company for each product segment The information in the reports is based on a comprehensive programme of interviews with key players in each country, backed up by thorough secondary research and IRL’s in-house database of global paints and coatings market data.

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Table of Contents

India General Industrial
General Industrial Coatings

IN Coatings Background
1.1 IN - Background - Overview 6
1.2 Key Figures 11
1.3 Macroeconomic Trends and Forecasts 11
1.4.1/2 Import/Export 12

Foreword General Industrial Coatings
1.0 Title Page 13
1.1 Foreword - General Industrial Coatings 14

IN General Industrial Coatings
1.0 Title Page 17
1.1 IN - Market Overview 18
1.2 Historical and Forecasts: General Industrial 21
1.3.1 Prices and Market Values 22
1.3.2 Prices and Values by Application System 23
1.3.3 Prices and Values by Resin Type 24
1.4.1 Application System: Historical and Forecasts 25
1.4.2 Resin Type: Historical and Forecasts 26
1.5 Market Shares: General Industrial 27

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